Never Forget a #TODO Comment

Code-based project management, without breaking your flow.

// TODO finish building the 🚀ship

Address Technical Debt


Proactively address areas of code that need improvement. Surface latent work.

Streamlined Ticketing


Avoid cumbersome and bloated project management systems.

Keep Your Habits


No change of behavior necessary. Use plain-text code comments and git.

High Level Metrics


Monitor and measure progress. Understand how your team works.

Free for Public Repositories 🎉

No login required. See an example.

$3/month for Private Repositories 💵

3 day free trial. Login with GitHub.


What is this?

tickgit is a tool for doing project management in your codebase with TODO comments.

FIXME, OPTMIZE, and custom phrases are coming soon.

Why should I use this?

TODOs can be a good way to manage pending work without relying on external systems.

Keep it all in your code.

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